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And to expand your knowledge…

We have chosen a few sites for you, which we have grouped together by theme, to help you in your packaging watch, whether linked to technology, regulations or health:

Plastic packaging industry

ReSoPack : social media of members of the packaging profession and their client users
French Federation of the plastics processing industry : educative portal on the French industry: different techniques, key figures, job panoramas
CLIFE : Comité de Liaison des Industries Françaises de l'emballage (French Packaging Industries Liaison Committee) 
CNE (Conseil National de l'Emballage - National Packaging Council)

Regulations / standards / certifications

LNE (Laboratoire national de mérologie et d’essais)
BNPP (Bureau de Normalisation Produits Plastiques - Plastic Products Standardization Office) -
PlasticsEurope France
EuPC (EuropeanPlasticsConverters)
ISO 9001 v2008

Environment : 

Ademe : ou
Eco-Emballages - www.ecoemballages