Polypropylene packaging

What are the applications of PP packaging?

PP (polypropylene) is a thermoplastic and a member of the polyolefin family. It is strong and lightweight making it highly versatile in terms of its applications. This is why it is a first-class material for food packaging subjected to heat treatment (pasteurisation, sterilisation, reheating in the microwave).

In its natural state, polypropylene has a translucent colour. Various industrial formulation and extrusion processes are used to search for the best characteristics in the food packaging sector, i.e. a high degree of transparency, tearing, perforation, etc.

Strong, lightweight and economical, this mono material it is perfectly suited to opaque food packaging requirements (white, black or specific colours). It can also be provided in a translucent or crystal form for products requiring both transparency and/or heat treatment. Lastly, PP packaging is particularly suited to sealing for MAP packaging, since this material offers excellent sealability.

We can provide this material with different formulations, depending on your specifications:
  • Mono-material PP
  • PP/EVOH/PP or PP/EVOH/PE if high barrier properties are required

PP packaging has many applications: meat packaging, poultry packaging, ready meal packaging, delicatessen packaging, pasteurisable packaging, sterilisable packaging, microwaveable packaging, etc.

What are the characteristics of PP packaging?

  1. Appearance: smooth, shiny or matt
  2. Perfectly suited to heat treatment: microwave reheating, pasteurisation, and sterilisation
  3. Lightweight due to PP’s low density
  4. Mechanical and chemical properties: good flexural strength, excellent sealability, very good chemical inertia.
  5. Barrier properties: very good vapour and water impermeability 
  6. Withstands temperatures between -40° C and +120° C
  7. PS packaging is recyclable
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