Exclusion & Recycling plastic

Extrusion of our plastic raw materials

Reliability, agility and responsiveness in the supply of raw materials

For our customers, including an extrusion and calendering process in our independent family-owned group is the guarantee of:
  • A perfect understanding of plastic materials in order to provide the best possible solution
  • Backward traceability of our raw materials
  • Flexibility and responsiveness in meeting our customers’ requirements
  • Safety in the continuity of our supplies
  • A varied selection of recycled or virgin plastic materials depending on their application
  • Colours tailored to their marketing requirements
  • Access to a large range of mono materials
  • Multilayer materials (laminated or coextruded version) with the need for high barrier properties (EVOH)
  • Close collaboration in the search for ever more efficient environmentally-friendly plastic materials through joint R&D work
  • A choice of alternative biobased plastic material solutions


Committed to a circular economy for over 20 years

What happens to our thermoplastic offcuts?

45% of PS (polystyrene) based and PP (polypropylene) based thermoplastic offcuts are processed by our own recycling unit
  •     PS based thermoplastic offcuts are reintegrated in the manufacture of the non-food packaging we produce: trays for cosmetics, or the automotive industry, technical parts or inserts for various applications.
  •     PP base thermoplastic offcuts are regranulated by our recycling unit and delivered to various industries, mainly for plastic injection.  So, new objects that we use daily can be made from recycled material in a variety of sectors: horticulture, automotive industry, building, garden furniture, flasks, bottles, strapping, etc.

55% of our APET based thermoplastic offcuts are recycled by external partners
  •     Some of the APET based thermoplastic offcuts are incorporated in the manufacture of sheets intended for the manufacture of food packaging
  •     The others supply outlets such as textile fibres, the manufacture of strapping, etc.
Our thermoplastic offcuts provide resources !

Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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