Our values

 “The company continues to adapt, transform and “mutate”, reflecting its people-centred DNA. We live in a new era of multiple changes (ecological transition, digital transition, etc.).  Our philosophy has always been to stay in tune with the times, which challenges us constantly. We have attached considerable importance to the quality of our products and services in the past 45 years.
This led us to make continuous improvements to our way of doing things on a daily basis, so that we would remain a long-lasting reliable, efficient partner for our loyal customers.
We develop effortless friendly relations at Plastobreiz & Plastoloir, based on a system of values that has shaped our corporate culture and firmly established our particularity. These four strong values, which form a common basis for all our staff, govern our daily actions and interactions, and are a cohesive factor favouring a group dynamic. This is the path that we try to follow day after day.  Our clients and all of our stakeholders benefit from this mindset.”
Pierre-Yves Baucher, Managing Director of Plastobreiz & Plastoloir


RESPECT is the Cornerstone of our corporate culture, since it alone lays the foundations for a mutual and long lasting trusting relationship. It needs to be nurtured every day:
  • By kind, pleasant, caring relationships between colleagues and with our various partners
  • In the different commercial, social and environmental commitments that we make in relation to our stakeholders
  • In stringent compliance with current safety and hygiene regulations and legislation


Since our two companies were created, we have strived to develop close relationships and PROXIMITY with our clients This is created through:
  • A mindset that firmly prioritises customer satisfaction
  • A straightforward approach, active listening and personalised guidance
  • Responsiveness and agility resulting from our people-centred entities


We are well-known for our CREATIVITY and we are always determined to take things a step further whenever this is possible. This is expressed through:
  • Systematically searching for innovative and effective solutions tailored to the specific and/or complex needs of our customer
  • A participatory ideation approach that allows our staff to express their creative potential to the benefit of customers
  • A governance method based on a subtle mix of necessary rigour and a little daring


Convinced that every detail counts, we are highly demanding at every level of our organisations with the objective of achieving EXCELLENCE. This is based on:
  • The involvement of all our staff in a continuous improvement approach
  • Regular investment to stay up to date with recent technology in our trade
  • Our resolve to establish a good long-lasting customer experience

Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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