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The packaging is the last element of communication between your brand and the consumer, making it part and parcel of your product offering.
More extensive customisation of your packaging can add consistency and highlight your brand identity.

Packaging & engraving

Packaging promoting your brand identity

The packaging is the last opportunity to communicate with the consumer at the point of sale and it is directly associated with your brand. It must be carefully designed to deliver the perceived qualitative value of the container/content. The care taken in the protection and presentation of your products using good quality differentiating eco-designed packaging is the best way to boost your sales.

With our in-house mould manufacturing centre you have the opportunity to use a variety of machined or laser engraved branding solutions.
  • Engraving your visual business identity
  • Engraving your brand
  • Engraving motifs or a variety of decorations (e.g. seafood: fish, wave, scales, etc.)
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Surface effects

Creating a unique identity with your packaging

Colour, material and shape are sometimes not enough to illustrate the full product identity. We can give your packaging “texture”, using a specific finish with a mould specially designed for its manufacture. This search for an attractive appearance on primary packaging creates a unique world and differentiates your product highlighting it on shelf displays.
  • Wood effect
  • Ceramic effect
  • Slate effect
  • Granular effect
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Sleeved packaging

An upmarket visual appearance for your packaging

The removable sleeve gives your packaging an upmarket visual appearance and a large communication area. This technology applies to specific container shapes and is an interesting alternative to IML (in-mould labelling).
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Packaging & Printed Pattern

Printed packaging for an identity that differentiates

We have a range of patterns we can print on the thermoforming sheet to create completely personalised and differentiating food packaging, which will help you stand out on shelf displays:
  • Wood pattern
  • Gingham pattern
  • Kraft pattern                        

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Two-tone food packaging

Elicit a preference!

A two-tone food pack gives your range of products added value. The multiple colour combinations between the interior and exterior of your packaging help create a unique visual identity to:
  • Highlight and differentiate your dishes
  • Launch a promotional campaign
  • Stand out on shelf displays
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Plastic packaging labelling

Focus on your core business!

We can manage the labelling of your packaging through our regular collaboration with ESAT partners, so that you can focus on your core business.
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We have an engineering & design office and mould manufacturing unit with which we can:
  • Provide a full bespoke service from the idea to product
  • Accelerate the marketing of the product thanks to a quick response
  • Protect the confidentiality of your project
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Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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