Achieving more… Together

“Our Common Future”, the title of the Brundtland report, is the founding statement on sustainable development. In 1987, the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) published the Brundtland report, by president Gro Harlem Brundland. This document became the guiding concept of sustainable development as it is understood today. In 2009, aware of our responsibility and our global impact on society and the environment, we raised awareness of sustainable development among of our employees through a personalised Sustainable Development Performance programme. Through this awareness we were able pull together and harness everyone’s ideas to take very concrete actions and to lay the foundations of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on the theme of ‘Achieve more, together’.


EcoVadis Rating

We would now like to progress further with our CSR with everyone involved to meet current environmental and societal issues, while gradually transforming the culture of our companies and organisations.

In March 2022, we were awarded the EcoVadis bronze medal, an international organisation rating business sustainability, which translates our desire to progress in this direction with the following themes: Environment – Social & Human Rights – Ethics – Responsible Buying. Our annual objective for progress in these areas should enable us to win the silver medal in 2023.
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The true wealth of the company is primarily the women and men committed to it, who help it grow by creating harmonious relationships with all the players.

Pierre-Yves BAUCHER and the executive committee are aware that a good collective dynamic together with a fulfilling and stimulating work environment improves staff and therefore company performance and with this in mind they are committed to the continuous improvement of quality of life and working condition best practices.
CSR | The people pillar


Responsible commitment

Within the context of our business and our products, protecting the environment is one of our key commitments, and it is much more than just an economic and marketing argument. Every day we work to design and manufacture top-quality plastic packaging solutions with our customers that guarantee the safety of the products and their consumers, while fighting effectively against food waste. We work personally and collectively to reduce our environmental impact (reduction in packaging weight, recyclability, incorporation of recycled plastics, etc.) without sacrificing the key features of our products.
CSR | The environmental pillar


To secure our future, we have chosen controlled and responsible growth. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gradually become an integral part of our organisational capital. Through factoring in different internal (employees) and external (customer relations and suppliers) players, we are convinced that CSR is a driving force behind our company’s strategy to improve our economic performance, attractiveness and sustainability.
CSR | The performance pillar

Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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