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About us
* By matters most, we mean our customers’ products and their brand image

What is our aim ?

We help our industrial customers protect, preserve and promote what matters most to them* through effective and differentiating eco-designed packaging solutions.

* By matters most, we mean our customers’ products and their brand image

Our goal ?

We have three objectives:

  • To provide a packaging solution tailored to the needs of every manufacturer in keeping with our CSR commitments

  • To develop personally and to help make the move towards a circular economy by developing our products collectively.

  • To continue our actions in favour of a low carbon industry


Our offer ?

Based on the ability to listen to and study your needs in depth, we offer eco-designed plastic packaging solutions using thermoforming technology. Although bespoke food packaging has been our core business for 45 years, we also provide many standard lines of food packaging mostly for modified atmosphere packaging and skin processing. Lastly, we have developed expertise in technical packaging solutions for varied branches of industry such as cosmetics, the automotive industry, electronics, etc.
Our packaging offer: thermoformed plastic packaging – recycled packaging – recyclable packaging – meat packaging, meat containers – poultry packaging, poultry containers – salad packaging, salad containers – snack food packaging, snack food container – cheese packaging, cheese containers – sealable trays – sealable bowls – skin packaging – skin containers – pots – clam-shell packs– double shells – lids – blister packs – food inserts – displays – transit trays – industrial inserts

Our tools ?

 Reliability | Agility | Responsiveness: the three keys to our performance since 1977

  • Two complementary production sites securing your packaging supplies
  • An ultramodern industrial packaging plant that combines eco-design, safety and performance
  • The control of many complementary skills (engineering office, machining, thermoforming) which guarantee responsiveness, flexibility and confidentiality at all stages of your packaging project.

What makes us different ?

Our ability to listen and our sense of service, concern for details, and the continuous search for customised solutions to satisfy our customers with a view to remaining long-term partners and providing sources of added value.


Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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