Human Resources

“Sharing common values, aspiring to progress and finding fulfilment in dynamic, independent, constantly changing companies, is what we offer our staff and any person wishing to join us.”

Pierre-Yves BAUCHER | Managing Director

Feel like joining these continuously developing close-knit companies?

At Plastobreiz or Plastoloir, we provide:

  • A horizontal method of governance that favours the independence each employee and gives them responsibility
  • High standards based on the non-stop search for our teams’ continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers
  • Concrete social and environmental steps across the board through our CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Doors always open to favour discussion and accelerate decision making.
  • A mindset based on respect and proximity

The advantages:

  • Top-up “family” health insurance
  • Participation in the company's profits (incentive bonus, profit sharing)
  • Training and refresher courses in “Workplace First Aid” for all volunteering employees
  • Yearly events in connection with the QVCT (quality-of-life and working conditions)
  • Access to various offers and advantages through the Plastobreiz ESC (Economic and Social Committee)


Companies with a strong foothold in and proud of their region, where land meets sea

  • Located halfway between Tours and Le Mans near Vendôme, PLASTOLOIR is located in Bessé-Sur-Braye, in the Sarthe, at the entrance to the Loire Valley, a land steeped in Art and History.
  • PLASTOBREIZ in Auray, in the south of the Morbihan, has a particularly attractive geographical location. Nestled in a curve of the Auray River, this small historical town has a charming old harbour called Saint-Goustan. Auray is also a gateway to Quiberon Bay and to various islands of the Gulf of Morbihan.


A personalised career path for successful integration

To ensure the successful onboarding of newcomers (new employees, trainees, sandwich placements) we offer:
  • An onboarding course favouring their integration
  • Personalised support which will enable them to take control of their jobs in the best possible conditions

Our staff are happy to present their posts and the context in which a newcomer will work as kindly and transparently as possible, so that the recruitment is the result of a mutual decision to work together.

Photo: David, Team Leader | Plastobreiz

Our employees say it best:

Jocelyn, what is your training?

“I started my training with a Europlastics BEP (technical training certificate) qualification, then a professional plastics processing baccalaureat, before continuing with a BTS EuroPlastics at the Lycée Marcelin Berthelot in Questembert.

What does your job involve?

“At the end of my training, I worked two 8-hour shifts as a machine setter on the Plastobreiz thermoforming line for 8 years. I was responsible for the assembly and adjustment of tools on thermoforming lines with the objective of reaching the expected product quality level. I launched production, carried out tests and entered information into the activity follow-up tools: incident reports, quality, etc.” I also contributed to collective reflections on the possible improvement of our tools and processes. Machine setting requires rigour and the ability to analyse things, since we work with very high levels of accuracy. In 2017, I was able to build on my skills and take on the role of Deputy Team Leader through a management training course, before changing to the post of Team Leader, with new managerial responsibilities and new challenges to meet.”

What motivates you every day?

“I like working in a company in which people matter and that gives every employee responsibility for their job. Improving personally and collectively in a responsible company with teams striving for and committed to work well done are key motivation factors and fulfil me every day.”

Photo: Jocelyn | Team Leader at Plastobreiz

Schools, Trainees, sandwich placements

For many years, we have been committed to guiding and training young people through a variety of initiatives and events in which we take part. These spontaneous commitments take a variety of shapes:
  • Regularly welcoming trainees or sandwich placements
  • Organising factory visits
  • On-site discussions between students and team leaders through professional zoom meetings
  • Presentations in schools and universities
  • Participating in panels of judges for oral exams, thesis defences, competitive exams

The plastics processing sector offers a wealth of little-known professions. It is important to promote our industry among young people and to familiarise them with the expertise of our different jobs so that they are aware of the potential of this industry.

Year 12 (11th grade US) | Lycée de Saint-Anne d'Auray

Women-men equality index at Plastobreiz 80 to 100 (2022 data)

The professional equality index is calculated every year and aims to favour equal pay between men and women, a key lever for social progress.
In the 2021 data, Plastobreiz had an index of 80/100 (the minimum index is set at 75/100).

Detail of 2022 Plastobreiz Index (data 2022): 80

Pay gap Salary increase
Return from
maternity leave
High pay
Value obtained 33 35 not calculable 0
Maximum value 40 35 15 10

Since the index obtained in 2022 is lower than 85, we have set ourselves the goal of progressing on the targeted indexes, i.e.:
  •     Pay gap: objective of advancing from 33 points to a value of 35 points, which assumes greater diversity in the jobs whose workforce enters into the calculation of the index
  •     High pay: objective of advancing from 0 to 5 points, which assumes a shift to greater equality in management.
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Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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