The history of our thermoforming companies


Our adventure begins in the stars

Our adventure begins in 1977 in Rohan, in the centre of Brittany. We are spurred on by a biscuit producer in Brittany that cannot find a food packaging supplier in the region to pack their star-shaped madeleine cakes.

Creation of PlastoRohan in the centre of Brittany

PlastoRohan is founded by André Leblanc in La Belle Etoile locality in Rohan, in the centre of Brittany. It specialises in the manufacture of thermoformed inserts and trays for biscuit and pastry makers in the region.


To meet the dynamic local and regional biscuit making demands, the company leaves Rohan for new premises in Pontivy. This is the creation of Plastobreiz, whose goal is to become the leading supplier of thermoformed packaging in Brittany. The new visual identity at the time illustrates this objective.

Plastobreiz moves to Crac’h, near Auray

Plastobreiz believes that customer satisfaction begins with its employees well-being, which is why it establishes its premises in the town of Crac’h, near Auray, and at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, in 1984. The company continues to develop packaging for the biscuit industry, its historical segment, while, in parallel, developing sealable packaging to evolve with the beginnings of modified atmosphere protection (MAP) packaging. The role of packaging develops to protect food products from any form of contamination and to optimise their storage.

Creation of SA PLASTOBREIZ – New shareholders – New visual identity

In 1991, M. Leblanc decides to step down. The Baucher family takes over Plastobreiz, resulting in the creation of SA PLASTOBREIZ. This milestone can be seen in two strategic shifts: diversification across all the food industry sectors & the integration of mould manufacturing in-house.

Pierre-Yves BAUCHER, takes over the management of Plastobreiz & Plastoloir

Pierre-Yves Baucher, a qualified engineer, takes over responsibility for the family-run business in 1998. Diversification accelerates with experimentation on new materials and the development of more complex forms. The engineering & design office is formalised with the progressive integration of the design & manufacture of moulds and prototypes. This is also when Polypropylene (PP) begins to be processed.

Creation of Celtipak specialising in sheet extrusion for thermoforming

New milestone for Plastobreiz with the creation of its sister CELTIPAK, in Saint-Thuriau, in the centre of Brittany in 1999. Celtipak specialises in monolayer and multilayer sheet extrusion for thermoforming and is complementary in the preliminary production phase using PS (polystyrene) and PP (polypropylene) based raw materials.

New TG1 Plastobreiz site in Auray

With markets gathering steam, Plastobreiz invests in a new site and transfers its headquarters and its factory to the Toul-Garros park in Auray in 2001. This is the creation of the “TG1” site, with 5,000 m2 under cover, doubling the area indoors for Plastobreiz’s various activities.

First awarding of the ISO 9001 v2000 certification

Plastobreiz is well-known for its quality control and is awarded its first ISO 9001 V2000 Certification.

30th anniversary – New baseline – First BRC/IoP certification

Plastobreiz reveals its new baseline on this occasion: Creative packaging solutions. Plastobreiz continues its expansion and is awarded BRC/IOP certification for its hygiene standards.
The packaging value chain expands: the aesthetic and practical design of the packaging highlights the packaged product. In addition to its primary functions of protecting and storing, packaging with a differentiating design is a real trigger for the act of buying.

Creation of KALAN, Plastobreiz-Plastoloir’s sister

2007 marks the beginning of KALAN, founded by the partners and managers of PLASTOBREIZ and CELTIPAK. KALAN chiefly produces food-quality stretch film for export markets. The B2F family group is created with the intention of maintaining considerable agility by relying on close-knit units working independently.

ACSO concept awarded the CFIA Innovation Trophy

Plastobreiz receives an Innovation Trophy at the CFIA in Rennes for its Acso concept (sealing from below) in collaboration with Guelt.

Creation of PLASTOLOIR in Bessé-Sur-Braye (72)

The Paulet company runs into difficulty and is forced to cease trading, however one of its activities is thermoforming packaging for the food industry. Our B2F group seizes the opportunity and creates PLASTOLOIR in May 2010, which stimulates the trade in Besse-Sur-Braye (72) on a brand new 5,000 m2 site. The two entities, PLASTOBREIZ and PLASTOLOIR, develop in parallel, and with their geographical complementarity and industrial overlap, our customers are guaranteed their supply of packaging.


PLASTOLOIR invests in machinery for the automatic placement of absorbent pads

The two companies accelerate their investment policies to modernise and expand their production facilities. Equipment related to thermoforming now means we can offer our clients the automatic placement of food absorbent pad in containers. This is a time saver for customers and reduces health risks by limiting human handling.

Launch of a participatory innovation approach at Plastobreiz

After several months of reflection, we decide to experiment with and original in-house design approach. The goal? To voluntarily join forces across all our departments to imagine new finished product concepts. The purpose? INSPIRE our customers !

Establishment of CAUX FILM, a new sister company

12 years after the creation of Kalan specialising in the extrusion of food quality stretch film, Caux film joined the B2F group for a similar offer, specifically for export markets.

A second site for PLASTOBREIZ in the Toul-Garros park in Auray: TG2

To meet the growth of its business, Plastobreiz acquires a new building opposite the current factory to bring its mould manufacturing activity closer to the thermoformed packaging manufacturing site and expand its storage capacity. This is the creation of the TG2 site, bringing the indoor area of Plastobreiz’s industrial activities up to 7500 m2.

PLASTOBREIZ celebrates its 40th anniversary – new baseline – second innovation trophy

PLASTOBREIZ celebrate its 40th anniversary. The new baseline highlights the philosophy of the two entities, Plastobreiz & Plastoloir: More than Packaging.
This baseline marks the company’s resolve to provide real guidance to their customers, from the idea to the marketing of their products, in a codesign philosophy.

Plastobreiz is awarded another Innovation Trophy by the panel of judges at the CFIA in Rennes for its U Can concept, but also for its original participatory innovation approach developed in-house.

Extension of the second TG2 Plastobreiz site in Auray

A 1,000 m2 extension of its second TG2 site is operational in June, extending the storage area and creating two loading platforms.

PLASTOLOIR celebrate its 10th anniversary!

november 22, 2022

New 2022 website

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir continue their developments with a new website. With optimised browsing and enhanced product content, the new Internet site offers web surfers greater interactivity thanks to new features for sourcing their packaging (searching for a standard packaging independently in our product database, viewing packaging development examples, etc., all stylishly and responsively designed to meet all browser requirements.

Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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