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Our bespoke approach

Poultry skin container

Fresh meat skin tray

Sliced cold meat packaging

Seafood packaging

Fish skin tray

Delicatessen sealable bowl

Sealable ready meal bowl

Sealable fresh produce bowl

Delicatessen container

Baby food container

Baby food packaging

Dry biscuit insert

Vegetable dip snack food packaging

Fresh fruit packaging with lid

Veterinary product packaging

Salad and delicatessen packagings

Pet food packaging

Fresh and frozen pastry packagings

Point-of-sale display

Thermoformed insert

Sealable or skin container for fish fillet

Insert for star-shaped madeleine cakes

Sealable packaging with compartments for salmon skewers

Containers with compartments for seafood assortments

skin packaging for fresh fish

Sealable container for surimi

Display tray bottom and lid for sushi

Delicatessen packaging

Salad and delicatessen packagings

Verrine box

Dividable containers

Delicatessen packaging | shell

Fresh pasta box

Cosmetics transit tray

Club sandwich container

Sandwich container

Sealable desert verrine

Individual salad pot

Sliced cheese tray

Doughnut insert

Skin tray

Fresh fish packaging

Doughnut plastic box

Sealable seafood container

Salad bowl with lid

Fresh meat skin container

Tenderloin container

Sushi packs

Sealable container for round steaks

Sealable container with compartments

Salad meal clam-shell pack

Packagings for cheese

Sealable pot with sleeve and lid

Shell for fromage frais

Packagings for cheese

Clip-close boxes for cheeses

Whole fish packaging line

Sausage product container

Sealable vegetable burger container

Sealable container with compartments

Pastry insert

Thermoformed pastry insert

Pastry blister pack

MAP shrimp container

PP packaging

verrine box

Box bottom and lid

Pastry box

Macaron packaging

Dividable containers

MAP tart pack

Food insert

MAP container

Container for 2 steaks

PP delicatessen packs

Fresh meat packs

Salad containers

Ready meal packaging

Skin packaging

Minced meat container

Ready-to-eat packaging

Processed product packaging

Meatball container

Meatball container

Crudity tray

Clam-shell pack

PP tray

PP container

Burger packaging

Sausage container

Processed meat container

Foie gras skin container

Skewer container

Sausage product containers

Beef meat packaging

Poultry container

Merguez container

Sealable container

Poultry cuts tray

Container for 2 steaks

Container with compartments

Sauce packaging

Cosmetics & home care packaging

Eco-design and manufacturing in France, since 1977

Plastobreiz and Plastoloir are part of the French independent B2F family group, firmly established at the heart of the Greater West.
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