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Responsible commitment, concrete actions

Within the context of our activity and products, behaving respectfully towards the environment is one of our most important commitments, and is much more than an economic and marketing argument. Although environmental requirements have certainly multiplied in recent years, we have been attached to conducting highly concrete actions in this field for many years: in terms of products, by mobilising all our resources to create environment-friendly products but also more generally at company level.

  • Systematic eco-design of all new packaging: work on ergonomics, design, and thickness optimization.
  • Selection of environment-friendly materials (bio-sourced or recyclable), particularly the use of rPET
  • Optimization of containers to achieve maximum density in quantities per box/ pallet – thus minimising the number of lorries.
  • Sustained investment policy to optimize our design and manufacturing processes for moulds and packaging, which allows us to make very fine adjustments with optimized stretching of material.
  • Close collaboration with our sister company CELTIPAK on making films more lightweight through the use of specific formulations. Reduction of the weight of certain packaging by up to 20%.
  • Our carbon audit for 2008 and 2009 was conducted by Vincent Consulting (ADEME-approved and an Elipso expert)..
  • The 2009 installation of an ECOSPHAIR heat exchanger, allowing us to recover energy issuing from compressor oil, for use in the central heating. Energy savings of up to 50% have thus been achieved (gas bill).

Recycling our waste: upstream integration

We process all waste and scrap issuing from our manufacturing processes (in-line granulator and baling machine). MELIOPAK (56), a sister company specializing in plastic waste treatment, processes some of our waste so that it can be reintegrated at our CELTIPAK extrusion unit for the manufacture of recycled material. This recycled material is destined for our non-food industry markets (automobile, cosmetics, etc.).
The remaining plastic and other materials (cardboard, aluminium) are collected and processed by a range of external service providers.

Waste sorting: a commitment made by all personnel

5 years ago, a proactive policy in favour of the environment led us to set up waste sorting at several levels:
  • Sorting of our stretch wrap offcuts, starts and ends of rolls which were sent to CIW for re-use via a recycler. This action has allowed us to cut our processing costs by two-thirds.
  • Sorting of papers and printer cartridges by all personnel.
  • Sorting of CIW (Commercial and industrial Waste)
  • Sorting of SIW (Special Industrial Waste): aerosols, used oil, etc.