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Award receiving innovation.


Packaging: triggering the purchasing act

Whether standard or specific, our thermoformed packaging solutions are recognized as naturally creative. Although the primary aim of our solutions is to protect your products well and guarantee their integrity, aesthetics and design are part of the growing requirements that ensure your products have a high differentiating impact. So packaging also acts as a leverage favouring the growth of your sales.
Bespoke packaging, which is our core business, is constantly changing: material innovation, shape innovation, design innovation, use concept innovation: practicality, ergonomics, and closing system. Packaging must match all these requirements, while fitting into our customers' industrial processes.

Creation of value through innovation

Innovation also works through partnerships and technological alliances, which we particularly set store by, since they create productivity and value at all levels: with our staff, partners and clients.

A few examples of our latest creations:
  • In 2010, we launched the Easy2snack range, together with our Europlastiques partner.
  • En 2011, In 2011, we gave thought to the “presentation” of certain packaging shapes via sleeve technology in partnership with Karlville. This technology applied to thermoformed containers is an alternative to IML, with an upmarket visual result.
  • In 2012, we launched the Modulo Clip concept, to adapt your presentations with a unique packaging.
  • Together with Europlastiques, our R&D innovated with an opening and closing concept optimised for dividable consumption, when perfecting Easy2top in 2012.
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In 2013, we will be taking things even further …

Although our company project embraces a dynamic innovation policy, we will take things even further in 2013, by setting up a permanent participative innovation workshop. Supported by a consulting firm, this multidisciplinary workshop aims to strengthen and sustain the innovation process undertaken in the last few years. It is also a way of giving staff time to express their ideas, since creativity is not a privilege of age, qualifications and experience; it is available to all those who see and feel things.

In order to meet your requirements or anticipate them, we work on a daily basis to adapt our offer to the most current trends, deciphering market trends, and favouring divergent thought in order to optimize the existing packaging, but particularly to provide new, innovative and creative solutions, in accordance with your values.

This commitment enables us to view the future with equanimity and enthusiasm.