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P2D Programme

Analysis of PLASTOBREIZ's stakeholders

Sustainable development

Our responsibility is global

Based on the observation that we have a global responsibility that is not limited to a few concepts that are fashionable, we have chosen to undertake very extensive strategic analysis over a 10-month period with the PERFORMANCE 2D programme.

The aim of the operation is to develop a tool making us aware of sustainable development within the framework of an entrepreneurial vision incorporating economic, environmental and social/community dimensions.

Benefits sought by PLASTOBREIZ:

  • To strengthen our prospective vision
  • To reflect on the complexity of our environment
  • To guarantee our company a long life and satisfy the parties involved

This reflection was carried out focussing on main points:

  • Economic field (expansion)
  • Social or community field (cohesion)
  • Environmental field (protection)

Pierre-Yves BAUCHER wished to surround himself with a representative team to make the approach participative and ensure that the staff was fully informed. The diversity of the posts fed the discussions, favouring questions and reflection on the 6 different parties involved:

  1. Shareholders who finance the projects
  2. Clients who guarantee its development
  3. Clients who guarantee its development
  4. Suppliers who contribute to its performance
  5. Local authorities who provide public services
  6. Civilian society facilitating its business

This reflection highlighted the risks and opportunities linked with our trade, defining a certain number of areas requiring vigilance and concrete actions.